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Desktop-pc Price Details in delhi
Brand Model Price Dealer Price Details
APPLE Mac mini with Lion Server Quad-Core i7 2.0GHz/4GB/Dual 500GB/HD Graphics Rs.43900
APPLE Mac mini Dual-Core i5 2.5GHz/4GB/500GB/Radeon HD 6630M Rs. 32900
APPLE Mac mini Dual-Core i5 2.3GHz/2GB/500GB/HD Graphics Rs.106900
APPLE iMac 27” Quad-Core i5 3.1GHz/4GB/1TB/Radeon HD 6970M 1GB Rs. 90900
APPLE iMac 27” Quad-Core i5 2.7GHz/4GB/1TB/Radeon HD 6770M 512MB Rs.78900
APPLE iMac 21.5” Quad-Core i5 2.7GHz/4GB/1TB/Radeon HD 6770M 512MB Rs. 63900
APPLE Mac mini with OS X Server quad-core i7 2.3GHz/4GB/Two 1TB/HD Graphics Rs.51900
APPLE Mac mini quad-core i7 2.3GHz/4GB/1TB/HD Graphics Rs. 38900
APPLE iMac 21.5" Dual-Core i3 3.1GHz/2GB/250GB/Radeon HD 6750M - EDU INST Rs.77472
ZENITH Zenith 302-H4 Rs. 22100
ZENITH Zenith 402HXI Rs.26890
ZENITH Zenith 203K XI Rs. 27890
ZENITH Zenith Desktop PC 401J-4 Rs.25300
ZENITH Zenith Desktop PC 401K-4 Rs. 27300
ZENITH Zenith 302 F XI Rs.14900
LENOVO Lenove 3000H100 53118BQ Rs. 20150
LENOVO Lenovo3000H100 53114DQ Rs.24750
LENOVO Lenovo Thinkcenter A61 9136A4Q Rs. 37890
LENOVO Lenovo3000H100 53119AQ Rs.22150
LENOVO Lenovo Thinkcenter A55 8985AN3 Rs. 27150
HCL HCL Ezeebee Desktop-AZ1064 Rs.20900
HCL HCL Core 2 Duo AZ 1001 Rs. 30900
HCL HCL Core 2Duo 19Inch TFT Rs.31900
HCL HCL Ezeebee XP AZ862 Rs. 29890
HCL HCL Core 2 Duo AZ 862 Rs.29900
HCL HCL EZEEBEE AZ1046 Rs. 19315
HCL HCL Core 2 Duo AZ 977 Rs.27900
HCL HCL Ezeebee XP Z999 Rs. 29150
DELL Dell Vostro 220S Slim Tower Rs. 19900
COMPAQ Compaq Presario SG3350IL Rs.24600
COMPAQ Compaq Presario SG3370IL Rs. 31300
COMPAQ Compaq Presario SR5000 Rs.27890
COMPAQ Compaq Presario SG3000 Rs. 20090
COMPAQ Compaq Presario SG2000 Rs.17590
ACER Acer Aspire 2210W Rs. 24899
ACER Acer Aspire IE-3218 Rs.23800
ACER Acer Aspire IE-3470 Rs. 28100
ACER Acer Aspire 7300W Rs.24399

Best Discount desktop pc

Acer Aspire 7300W

MRP:Rs. 24499
eBEST Price: Rs. 24399

HCL Core 2 Duo AZ 977

MRP:Rs. 28000
eBEST Price: Rs. 27900

HCL Ezeebee XP Z999

MRP:Rs. 29250
eBEST Price: Rs. 29150

New Arrival desktop pc

Compaq Presario SG3350IL

MRP:Rs. 24700
eBEST Price: Rs. 24600

HCL Ezeebee Desktop-AZ1064

MRP:Rs. 21000
eBEST Price: Rs. 20900

Lenove 3000H100 53118BQ

MRP:Rs. 20250
eBEST Price: Rs. 20150

Top Selling desktop pc

Compaq Presario SG3000

MRP:Rs. 20190
eBEST Price: Rs. 20090

Zenith Desktop PC 401J-4

MRP:Rs. 25400
eBEST Price: Rs. 25300